New Flat Roof Reigate in Surrey

The customer in Reigate had an pre-exisiting flat roof dormer which was 25 sqm and a rear extension flat roof which was 10 sqm.  Both roofs had an existing felt membrane. Unfortunately, the felt roof membranes had split and had started to leak, this was caused due to previous poor workmanship as the felt had only been fitted a few years before.

The approved contractor removed and disposed of the existing felt roof coverings, created a warm roof to comply with current regulations and then installed the DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM membrane onto new OSB3 structural deck.

New Flat Roof Reigate


New Flat Roof ReigateNew Flat Roof ReigateNew flat roof Reigate

EPDM perfectly suits flat roof extensions on older and period properties in Reigate

The historic market town of Reigate can trace its roots back to the 12th century, but it was the coming of the Brighton railway in 1841 that led to the town’s rapid expansion. Today, Reigate’s charm is obvious – the town centre boasts a range of architectural styles that are evidence of how the town developed over the centuries. Not surprisingly, there is an array of period residential properties that makes Reigate a much sought after area.

Living in a period property brings with it a certain responsibility. Most owners are sensitive to the fact that any alterations to a period home require integrity and good aesthetic judgements, so extending an older property means careful selection of materials. When it comes to flat roofing materials, fleece reinforced EPDM perfectly compliments any period home. EPDM was first developed in the US in the 1960s and has consistently proved to be a superior, effective and long-lasting flat roofing membrane, and it is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Where felt was traditionally one of the most popular materials used for flat roof extensions, porches and garages, DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM now offers a much better alternative. Effective in all weather conditions and guaranteed for 20 years, EPDM is a synthetic rubber membrane that stretches and is flexible, providing a perfect fit whilst allowing for typical movement of older buildings. And unlike felt, EPDM won’t crack or tear as it ages, so removing the cost of running repairs and ongoing maintenance.

We only sell DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM to contractors who we have trained and approved. Contact A R Systems today for an introduction to your local Reigate approved flat roofing contractor and to get a quote.

Period property in Reigate


Flat Roof Repair Reigate

Lowery Ltd, a firm of Civil Engineers had several buildings and portable buildings at their base in Reigate in Surrey that required attention.

The main roof was 130sqm and had a uPVC single ply membrane installed onto 11mm osb. It was currently leaking due to membrane shrinkage due to poor installation.


Roof Repair Reigate

Portable building flat roof before

Before – the small portable building flat roof

In addition there was one small portable building roof (18 sqm) that had a uPVC single ply membrane installed onto 18mm osb. It was currently leaking due to multiple puncture holes and membrane shrinkage due to lack of proper mechanical attachment.

Lastly, there were an additional three larger portable building roofs covered with ageing bitumen based felt installed onto 18mm ply. The felt was old but the roofs were not leaking (yet!).

The approved contractor Advanced Flat Roofing, stripped the large roof of the uPVC membrane and over decked using 11mm roofing grade construction OSB3 to increase the roof structural integrity. The roof was then covered using the Duoply fleece reinforced EPDM roofing system. Duoply was particularly suitable for this application due to its low per sqm weight therefore not impairing the roofs current design.

After - the main flat roof after installation

After – the main flat roof after installation

The smaller portable building was stripped back but with this roof the contractor managed to repair the existing 18mm OSB deck and re-use it. This roof had failed because of the multiple holes (due to the low puncture resistance of the uPVC membrane) and also due to membrane shrinkage on the perimeter of the roof. This allowed water ingress via the edge trims. Nearly all other single ply systems need to be properly mechanically attached onto the roof terminations to prevent membrane shrinkage. This is not the case with DuoPly’s shrink free construction.

Portable building flat roof after

After – the finished small portable building flat roof

The larger portable building roofs were not leaking and the surfaces were in an acceptable enough condition so the contractor chose to over roof using the Duoply membrane. Duoply is a fully bitumen compatible system which means that in certain circumstances the existing felt/asphalt roof can stay in place saving time, money and most importantly land fill.