New flat roof kitchen extension in Guildford

The customer in Guildford wanted to enlarge their kitchen to create a modern and functional kitchen/dining/family area, so they built a single storey, new flat roof rear extension.

The approved contractor supplied and installed the DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM roofing membrane to cover the 28 sqm overall flat roof size, with an aperture for a flat glass rooflight.

It is important when you create a new flat roof extension that you ensure you allow for roof lights or a lantern roof to give maximum light in the new living space. Flat glass roof lights work well with a DuoPly flat roof, to create a stylish and practical solution, and are a popular combination.

New Flat Roof Guildford

New Flat Roof Guildford

New Flat Roof Guildford

New Flat Roof Guildford

EPDM Rubber Flat Roof Guildford

Flat Roof Repair

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Need to repair your flat roof? It’s time to forget the felt and switch to DuoPly

When it comes to making big repairs around the home, it’s generally accepted that you should move with the times and use modern materials that are proven to stand the test of time. So if your timber fascias or soffit boards are rotting away, the recommended replacement material is likely to be uPVC – unless of course yours is a period property that demands traditional materials are used to preserve its architectural integrity and comply with its graded listing.

An affordable and superior choice for your new flat roof…

EPDM Flat RoofThe same argument applies to flat roof repairs. Traditionally, felt has been the UK roofing standard, but in recent years it has become a more expensive route because material costs are closely dictated by the cost of crude oil. Naturally, this has driven up installation costs and taking into account the fact that the typical life span of a felt roof is perhaps 10-15 years, consumers are now much more open to effective alternatives.

The current cost of felt brings it in line with manufactured single-ply fleece reinforced EPDM roofing systems such as DuoPly, a product that is guaranteed for a longer period and can easily boast a life expectancy 3-4 times longer than felt.

So what are the benefits of a DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM?

Created in the US back in the sixties, EPDM has been proving its worth ever since. Within the roofing industry, DuoPly falls into the category of single-ply roofing membranes, which are designed to cover large areas in a relatively short time. Most of these systems require heat welding to join seams, so installation becomes more time consuming, but DuoPly is different.

DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is cold applied and comes complete with pre-applied seam tapes. For a well trained roofing contractor, this makes installation quick, clean and easy, and for the customer it means a superior roofing system and lower labour costs – a win-win situation for both residential and business customers.

Fleece reinforced EPDM flat roof exampleSafer to install and eco-friendly too!

The ease of installation is another reason why DuoPly has the advantage over felt roofing; felt requires the use of gas to heat the felt membranes, so there is an inherent risk of fire and injury to the contractor.

We are now a more environmentally aware society and, in this respect,Green Roof 2 DuoPly is able to tick several boxes. The low energy used during manufacture and installation makes it an environmentally friendly material and is officially recognised as a sustainable and eco-sound roofing system – unlike felt which is a drain on natural fossil fuel resources.

If you are looking to create a more visually appealing flat roof for your property, you can look to use DuoPly to create a more eco-friendly Green Roof. DuoPly can provide the perfect green roofing solution to transform a functional flat roof into an attractive addition to your garden and outdoor space.

Guaranteed to last much longer than traditional felt flat roofing

And perhaps the best news is that DuoPly comes with a 20-year warranty but is likely to last at least 50 years – flat roofing solutions don’t get much better than that!

If you’re looking to get your flat roof repaired or replaced, contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with an approved contractor in your area – your roof will be in safe hands and you can be reassured that your DuoPly roof will be installed to the very highest quality standards.

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Recent projects – replacement garage flat roof in Dorking, Surrey

One of our Approved Contractors, Advanced Flat Roofing, recently installed a new garage flat roof.

The existing felt flat roof was approximately 25 years old and the customer had applied bitumen paint every year to prevent leaks but this approach had stopped working and unfortunately, the roof was now leaking.

The flat roof was 18 sqm. Firstly, the leaking felt flat roof membrane was removed. The timber slatted deck was in good condition and did not need replacing which was good news for the customer Mr H.

Garage flat roof replacement Dorking

The roofing contractor then laid 1mm OSB deck over a slatted timber deck to create a blemish free surface. They then installed a new EPDM fleece reinforced DuoPly flat roof membrane. Lastly, they installed a lead flashing to weather proof it fully.

Garage flat roof replacement Dorking

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Recent projects – large joint new flat roof in Dorking, Surrey

The customer in Dorking, Surrey had a poorly insulated flat roof which resulted in significant heat loss. The existing felt flat roof was approximately 15 years old, and it had cracked and was leaking in places.

The project involved a large joint flat roof covering three properties – with a total area of 87 sqm.

Large flat roof - new flat roof Dorking

Our approved contractor, Advanced Flat Roofing, firstly had to remove the old felt roof. They then created a warm roof construction using 120mm plybacked rigid insulation.

Large flat roof - new flat roof Dorking

Then a new DuoPly EPDM fleece reinforced EPDM roofing membrane was installed, along with easy to maintain new fascias and guttering, creating a smart new flat roof.

Large flat roof - new flat roof Dorking


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Recent projects – leaking garage flat roof in Westhumble, near Dorking in Surrey

A felt membrane flat roof above a garage had been installed very badly some six years ago and was now leaking.

Our approved contractor Drew, installed a new 25 sqm flat roof.

The first step was to remove the leaking felt flat roof membrane. The timber slatted deck was in good condition and did not need replacing which was great news for customer, Mr P.

Drew then laid a 11mm OSB deck over a slatted timber deck to create a blemish free surface.

Lastly he installed a new fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing membrane.

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Recent projects – new flat roof installation in Sutton, Surrey

Approved Contractor Jamie recently completed 5 warm flat roof installations of 2.5 x 2.5m in Sutton, Surrey.

The Duoply fleece-reinforced EPDM roofs were installed onto 120mm plyback Cellotex to comply with current Building Regulations to create warm roof construction on balconies. The customer was delighted with the end result.

“Jamie has done a great job as always. The EPDM roofs look good, but best of all is the 20 year guarantee.”

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Recent projects – flat roof repair in Fetcham, Surrey

A common problem we see is leaking flat roofs where the felt has failed due to UV and weather damage over time.

Approved Contractor, Drew, replaced the existing flat roof and fascia boards which had failed for Mrs L in Fetchman, near Leatherhead in Surrey.

The roof was a 6 sqm roof over a bay window and patio area. Drew redecked the existing roof using 18mm OSB. New fleece reinforced EPDM was fitted and a new lead flashing installed to wall.

Mrs L says…

“Very pleased with every aspect of the works.”

Roof repair Fethcham Surrey

Roof repair Fethcham Surrey

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