Installing a DuoPly EPDM new flat roof Cobham

For a New Flat Roof Cobham, call A R Systems.  Cobham is an ideal base for anyone commuting to work. With easy access to the A3, M25 and fast trains into London, Cobham offers the best of both worlds – great for work and even better for enjoying everything the Surrey countryside has to offer. It’s no surprise then that Cobham has expanded in recent years with much new housing being built.

Naturally, property developers over the last 20-30 years have had to make limited space work as hard as possible, ensuring that every square foot of available building land is fully utilised. This often means that modern properties are built with attached garages, responding to the ever-increasing demand for parking space by home owners with two or more cars.

New Flat Roof Cobham

New Flat Roof Cobham

New Flat Roof Cobham

Generally built with a flat roof, these garages are great until the original roofing system begins to degrade, requiring ongoing repairs or a complete replacement. It’s an expense that most home owners would rather do without, but ongoing leaks can cause far greater damage and even more expense.

If you know you need a new flat roof system for your garage then now is the time to find out more about DuoPly EPDM. It’s THE roofing membrane to replace more traditional materials such as felt. DuoPly EPDM isn’t new – it was developed back in the sixties and has been used successfully all over the world – but it’s only now becoming popular in the UK. At A R Systems we only sell DuoPly fleece-reinforced EPDM, which is far superior to anything you might find in your local DIY store, and its benefits are endless. And even better, DuoPly doesn’t cost the earth to install because there is less labour time involved. Plus the approved contractors can install all year round without having to wait for a dry day with no risk of rain – they’ll probably appreciate a cuppa every now and then though!

With winter fast approaching and more rainy days ahead, isn’t it time you checked the condition of your flat roof? When you get in contact with us we’ll arrange for your local approved roofing contractor to inspect your roof and provide a no-obligation quote.

New Flat Roof Cobham

EPDM Rubber Roof

With an EPDM flat roof on your extension, period properties in Cranleigh will stay weatherproof

New Flat Roof Cranleigh

Cranleigh is one of those Surrey villages that offers something for everyone. Good transport links, close to a busy and thriving town, and a wonderful array of properties in which to make a home. Cranleigh can trace its roots back to the 1100s – it’s believed that its name derives from crane breeding grounds located at Vachery – but growth really started in the 1800s with the development in transport links, first canals, then railway and roads. The legacy of those boom development years is beautiful period properties that are always so desirable.

Of course, desirable as they are, a Victorian semi doesn’t always have quite enough space and, when moving costs can be so prohibitive, extensions can often be an ideal compromise. The key to any type of extension, but especially one with a flat roof, is to ensure that it’s weatherproof – undoubtedly, not all of them are, either because of build quality or through wear and tear of the felt roof covering.

Victorian property in Cranleigh

With the change in weather we are now experiencing, it’s typical to start noticing leaks. So that means towels and buckets at the ready and mental note to call a roofer in the Spring once the weather improves sufficiently to remove and replace the roof membrane – or not?

EPDM has changed the way that roofing contractors work. Weather has no adverse affect on EPDM and the speed at which it can be fitted – without any compromise on quality – means successful installations year round. A felt roofer may panic the minute a rain cloud appears, there are no such worries when working with EPDM. Which is great news for home owners – instead of enduring months of leaks and potential long-term damage to brickwork and a need to redecorate, with an EPDM roof system your extension can be watertight as soon as you want.

So for a new flat roof in Cranleigh, all it takes is a quick call to A R Systems. We’ll put you in touch with your nearest approved contractor who will arrange a visit to your home and a no-obligation cost estimate.