New Flat Roof Redhill

New Flat Roof Redhill

A popular town located in the London commuter belt, Redhill is a vibrant mix of period and modern housing. Growth was largely due to the coming of the railways and its popularity as a preferred place to live over the years is evident in some of the most stunning period properties you’ll find – Redhill boasts a significant amount of nationally listed buildings, including Grade II*. Today, surrounded by a network of fast roads and motorways, Redhill is an attractive town both for its accessibility and the period properties it offers.

New Flat Roof RedhillNaturally, these types of properties can come at a price and space can sometimes be the compromise, especially in terraced and semi-detached homes, but the ability to extend the back of a property can easily give a home a completely new lease of life.

Flat roof extensions can work sympathetically with older and period properties. The key to this is essentially the choice of stocks and roof cover. And an EPDM roof membrane is the perfect complementary solution for any period property – with a slate grey appearance it will blend effortlessly with your roof tiles. Unlike the more traditional choice of felt, EPDM will also be durable for years to come. Our approved contractors provide a 20-year warranty on each and every EPDM roof – that’s how confident we are about its superior qualities – but we know that EPDM has been proven to continue to be effective for over 50 years, both from laboratory testing and ‘real’ evidence from installations all over the world.

So if you’re planning an extension or need to replace the roofing system on an existing extension, now is the time to find out more about EPDM! Call us for details of your local approved roofing contractor to arrange a visit and no-obligation quote.

Installing a DuoPly EPDM new flat roof Cobham

For a New Flat Roof Cobham, call A R Systems.  Cobham is an ideal base for anyone commuting to work. With easy access to the A3, M25 and fast trains into London, Cobham offers the best of both worlds – great for work and even better for enjoying everything the Surrey countryside has to offer. It’s no surprise then that Cobham has expanded in recent years with much new housing being built.

Naturally, property developers over the last 20-30 years have had to make limited space work as hard as possible, ensuring that every square foot of available building land is fully utilised. This often means that modern properties are built with attached garages, responding to the ever-increasing demand for parking space by home owners with two or more cars.

New Flat Roof Cobham

New Flat Roof Cobham

New Flat Roof Cobham

Generally built with a flat roof, these garages are great until the original roofing system begins to degrade, requiring ongoing repairs or a complete replacement. It’s an expense that most home owners would rather do without, but ongoing leaks can cause far greater damage and even more expense.

If you know you need a new flat roof system for your garage then now is the time to find out more about DuoPly EPDM. It’s THE roofing membrane to replace more traditional materials such as felt. DuoPly EPDM isn’t new – it was developed back in the sixties and has been used successfully all over the world – but it’s only now becoming popular in the UK. At A R Systems we only sell DuoPly fleece-reinforced EPDM, which is far superior to anything you might find in your local DIY store, and its benefits are endless. And even better, DuoPly doesn’t cost the earth to install because there is less labour time involved. Plus the approved contractors can install all year round without having to wait for a dry day with no risk of rain – they’ll probably appreciate a cuppa every now and then though!

With winter fast approaching and more rainy days ahead, isn’t it time you checked the condition of your flat roof? When you get in contact with us we’ll arrange for your local approved roofing contractor to inspect your roof and provide a no-obligation quote.

New Flat Roof Cobham

EPDM Rubber Roof

New Flat Roof Southwater


New Flat Roof Southwater

A large village in the Horsham district of West Sussex. Southwater has become increasingly popular, close to towns such as Horsham and Crawley. Perfectly located for trips into the country and an easy run to the coast – what’s not to like! Significant investment in Southwater since 2006 has also made it an attractive area to settle and recent housing developments has ensured to increase the population of the local area.

Single-storey extensions and attached garages are very evident in Southwater. They are a modern solution to the demands of 21st Century living. Yet for all their mod cons, many of these modern properties suffer from leaking flat roofs and constantly need repair. The demand for new flat roof Southwater has risen greatly in the previous months.

And of course, at this time of year there is a tendency to start looking a little more closely at our fuel bills and finding ways to make our homes more heat efficient. Roofing and good insulation is one of the most significant ways in which you can cut fuel bills. That’s why, if you need to replace your flat roof system, we highly recommend that you consider DuoPly EPDM.

Yes, you may well wonder what it is – after all, felt roofing would probably be the obvious choice, but DuoPly EPDM is superior for many reasons, including energy efficiency. Its dark colour is perfect for our climate, absorbing any available heat. But also, with good insulation EPDM will help you reduce you energy bills because there is less chance of warm air escaping. So being able to turn down your heating thermostats a few notches has to be a rather attractive thought, especially as we prepare for the cold winter months.

New Flat Roof SouthwaterIf you’d like to find out more about how an EPDM new flat roof system can help you make your home more energy efficient, call A R Systems today. We can then arrange for your local approved contractor to visit.

With an EPDM flat roof on your extension, period properties in Cranleigh will stay weatherproof

New Flat Roof Cranleigh

Cranleigh is one of those Surrey villages that offers something for everyone. Good transport links, close to a busy and thriving town, and a wonderful array of properties in which to make a home. Cranleigh can trace its roots back to the 1100s – it’s believed that its name derives from crane breeding grounds located at Vachery – but growth really started in the 1800s with the development in transport links, first canals, then railway and roads. The legacy of those boom development years is beautiful period properties that are always so desirable.

Of course, desirable as they are, a Victorian semi doesn’t always have quite enough space and, when moving costs can be so prohibitive, extensions can often be an ideal compromise. The key to any type of extension, but especially one with a flat roof, is to ensure that it’s weatherproof – undoubtedly, not all of them are, either because of build quality or through wear and tear of the felt roof covering.

Victorian property in Cranleigh

With the change in weather we are now experiencing, it’s typical to start noticing leaks. So that means towels and buckets at the ready and mental note to call a roofer in the Spring once the weather improves sufficiently to remove and replace the roof membrane – or not?

EPDM has changed the way that roofing contractors work. Weather has no adverse affect on EPDM and the speed at which it can be fitted – without any compromise on quality – means successful installations year round. A felt roofer may panic the minute a rain cloud appears, there are no such worries when working with EPDM. Which is great news for home owners – instead of enduring months of leaks and potential long-term damage to brickwork and a need to redecorate, with an EPDM roof system your extension can be watertight as soon as you want.

So for a new flat roof in Cranleigh, all it takes is a quick call to A R Systems. We’ll put you in touch with your nearest approved contractor who will arrange a visit to your home and a no-obligation cost estimate.

Five great reasons to choose EPDM for your next flat roof

If you have a flat roof that is starting to leak or has undergone numerous repairs over the years it may be time to think about a replacement covering. But before you start calling roofing contractors for quotes on a new felt roof, think again! Fleece reinforced EPDM is quickly becoming the flat roofing material of choice. And there are some very good reasons as to why:

1. EPDM means durability

Where other flat roofing materials will degrade over time, EPDM performs consistently – no matter in what extremes of weather. Successfully installed all over the world, EPDM is just as effective in the hot temperatures of the Middle East as it is throughout the coldest Alaskan winters – which means that even the unpredictable British weather won’t be a worry. EPDM has good resistance to UV damage, ozone and general weathering. Even standing water won’t have any impact. It’s also virtually impossible to tear or puncture, so the need for future repair is reduced. And its stretch and flexibility means that typical building movement that most properties experience is not a problem and you won’t get leaks.

2. It won’t cost a fortune

You might think that cost will be the catch – after all, if it’s that good it’s bound to cost an arm and a leg. Wrong! Despite its many qualities and advantages, the cost of installing EPDM compares favourably to other flat roofing systems. The width of the membrane rolls and pre-applied seam tapes means faster coverage – and that means lower labour costs.

3. An EPDM roof can help reduce your fuel bills

In a climate such as ours a dark coloured roofing membrane is preferable in order to absorb any heat. EPDM does exactly that, which means a saving on energy, less need for heating and lower energy bills as a result. This is particularly true when your flat roof is properly insulated, and our approved contractors will be happy to advise you.

4. You have the assurance of a 20-year warranty

Most felt roofs will perhaps last 10 years if they’ve been installed correctly, but there’s always the chance that you’ll need to carry out running repairs. A R Systems contractors provide a 20-year warranty on every EPDM roof they fit, giving you peace of mind. However, laboratory tests – and the actual use of EPDM on properties since the product was developed in the 1960s – show that an EPDM membrane will last in excess of 50 years without any reduction in performance.

5. It looks great!

EPDM looks equally good when used on modern and period properties. It has a slate grey appearance and smooth finish, so blends beautifully with most roof tiles. And it will continue to look good for years to come because it won’t easily show dirt, and you won’t find moss growing on it either.

Interested? Why not get in touch with us – we can answer any more questions you might have and put you in touch with an approved contractor in your area.

Flat Roof Repair Reigate

Lowery Ltd, a firm of Civil Engineers had several buildings and portable buildings at their base in Reigate in Surrey that required attention.

The main roof was 130sqm and had a uPVC single ply membrane installed onto 11mm osb. It was currently leaking due to membrane shrinkage due to poor installation.


Roof Repair Reigate

Portable building flat roof before

Before – the small portable building flat roof

In addition there was one small portable building roof (18 sqm) that had a uPVC single ply membrane installed onto 18mm osb. It was currently leaking due to multiple puncture holes and membrane shrinkage due to lack of proper mechanical attachment.

Lastly, there were an additional three larger portable building roofs covered with ageing bitumen based felt installed onto 18mm ply. The felt was old but the roofs were not leaking (yet!).

The approved contractor Advanced Flat Roofing, stripped the large roof of the uPVC membrane and over decked using 11mm roofing grade construction OSB3 to increase the roof structural integrity. The roof was then covered using the Duoply fleece reinforced EPDM roofing system. Duoply was particularly suitable for this application due to its low per sqm weight therefore not impairing the roofs current design.

After - the main flat roof after installation

After – the main flat roof after installation

The smaller portable building was stripped back but with this roof the contractor managed to repair the existing 18mm OSB deck and re-use it. This roof had failed because of the multiple holes (due to the low puncture resistance of the uPVC membrane) and also due to membrane shrinkage on the perimeter of the roof. This allowed water ingress via the edge trims. Nearly all other single ply systems need to be properly mechanically attached onto the roof terminations to prevent membrane shrinkage. This is not the case with DuoPly’s shrink free construction.

Portable building flat roof after

After – the finished small portable building flat roof

The larger portable building roofs were not leaking and the surfaces were in an acceptable enough condition so the contractor chose to over roof using the Duoply membrane. Duoply is a fully bitumen compatible system which means that in certain circumstances the existing felt/asphalt roof can stay in place saving time, money and most importantly land fill.

New Flat Roof Worcester Park, Surrey

DuNew Flat Roof Worcester Park

The 20sqm single storey extension in this property In Worcester Park needed replacing.

The approved contractor, supplied and installed DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM membrane onto the pre-prepared deck.

New Flat Roof Worcester Park

During – the EPDM flat roof being installed

New Flat Roof Worcester Park

During – the EPDM flat roof being installed

Recent projects – dormer flat roof for a loft conversion in Coulsdon, Surrey

Our customer based in Coulsdon in Surrey was having a loft conversion with a new dormer flat roof construction.

Dormer flat roof loft conversion Before

Before – the dormer flat roof of the loft conversion

Our Approved Contractor, Advanced Flat Roofing installed DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM flat roof membrane onto a pre-prepared structural deck. The roof was 28sqm.

EPDM flat roof on a dormer flat roof loft conversion

During installation

The customer was very happy with the project and simply said to us….. “Nice job!”

Dormer flat roof loft conversion using EPDM

After – the finished dormer flat roof

Recent Projects – new flat roof in Guildford, Surrey


New Flat Roof Guildford

This Guildford property had a 30 year old original felt roof membrane which had been overlaid with 11mm plywood deck and a non-reinforced EPDM membrane was installed about 2 years ago. The existing fascias were rotten and had not been replaced.

On one side of the roof the fascias had been covered over with the roofing membrane.  The original defective lead flashing had not been replaced but had been silicone sealed in places. The whole installation was of an extremely sub-standard quality.

Flat roof extension - Before

Before – flat roof extension – poorly fitted.

The approved contractor stripped the roof right back and an 18mm structural OSB board was installed. The defective fascia boards and lead flashing were also removed.

Damaged flat roof

Before – the damaged flat roof

The contractor then installed the new DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM membrane, new white uPVC fascia boards, black half round guttering and lead flashing.

uPVC fascias Guildford Surrey

After – new uPVC fascia boards fitted

This job highlights the need for the training of all roofing contractors to ensure the correct installation of specialist roofing products.

The customer said:

“Wanted to say thanks to you all for a great job yesterday. Roof looks good and amazingly tidy after too.

We will get the upper flat roof done when budget allows so will be in touch.”

New flat roof Guildford Surrey

After – the finished reinforced EPDM flat roof

New flat roof Guildford

After – the EPDM flat roof with smart new fascia boards

New Flat Roof Guildford

Rubber Roof Guildford