Five great reasons to choose EPDM for your next flat roof

If you have a flat roof that is starting to leak or has undergone numerous repairs over the years it may be time to think about a replacement covering. But before you start calling roofing contractors for quotes on a new felt roof, think again! Fleece reinforced EPDM is quickly becoming the flat roofing material of choice. And there are some very good reasons as to why:

1. EPDM means durability

Where other flat roofing materials will degrade over time, EPDM performs consistently – no matter in what extremes of weather. Successfully installed all over the world, EPDM is just as effective in the hot temperatures of the Middle East as it is throughout the coldest Alaskan winters – which means that even the unpredictable British weather won’t be a worry. EPDM has good resistance to UV damage, ozone and general weathering. Even standing water won’t have any impact. It’s also virtually impossible to tear or puncture, so the need for future repair is reduced. And its stretch and flexibility means that typical building movement that most properties experience is not a problem and you won’t get leaks.

2. It won’t cost a fortune

You might think that cost will be the catch – after all, if it’s that good it’s bound to cost an arm and a leg. Wrong! Despite its many qualities and advantages, the cost of installing EPDM compares favourably to other flat roofing systems. The width of the membrane rolls and pre-applied seam tapes means faster coverage – and that means lower labour costs.

3. An EPDM roof can help reduce your fuel bills

In a climate such as ours a dark coloured roofing membrane is preferable in order to absorb any heat. EPDM does exactly that, which means a saving on energy, less need for heating and lower energy bills as a result. This is particularly true when your flat roof is properly insulated, and our approved contractors will be happy to advise you.

4. You have the assurance of a 20-year warranty

Most felt roofs will perhaps last 10 years if they’ve been installed correctly, but there’s always the chance that you’ll need to carry out running repairs. A R Systems contractors provide a 20-year warranty on every EPDM roof they fit, giving you peace of mind. However, laboratory tests – and the actual use of EPDM on properties since the product was developed in the 1960s – show that an EPDM membrane will last in excess of 50 years without any reduction in performance.

5. It looks great!

EPDM looks equally good when used on modern and period properties. It has a slate grey appearance and smooth finish, so blends beautifully with most roof tiles. And it will continue to look good for years to come because it won’t easily show dirt, and you won’t find moss growing on it either.

Interested? Why not get in touch with us – we can answer any more questions you might have and put you in touch with an approved contractor in your area.