Flat Roof Guildford


New Flat Roof Guildford.

Think Guildford in Surrey and you’d probably conjure up a picture of all those beautiful and imposing period properties that loom high on the hilly descents into the town. But Guildford, of course has spread out much wider than that over the years, encompassing smaller surrounding villages. To the north-east, for instance, development in and around Merrow and Burpham saw hundreds of houses being built in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and smaller estates are going up even today.

Naturally, many of these houses in Guildford have been enlarged with ground floor extensions to give more living space. With the recent better summer weather, you may now be thinking of what home improvements might need to be made – we’re receiving lots of enquiries from people who had noticed their flat roofs leaking last winter – and now is the perfect time to take action before the autumn wet weather sets in and you spring more leaks!

GuildfordThere has been something of a roofing revolution over the last few years, and EPDM is fast becoming the new flat roofing material of choice. Particularly using DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM, a roofing membrane that is proven to be far more durable and long lasting that felt. Its slate grey finish complements any property and, even better, it’s guaranteed for 20 years – but proven to be effective for in excess of 50! It’s also eco friendly, an important feature in this day and age.

So, if you live in or around Guildford and you’re thinking of replacing or repairing your flat roof with felt, think again and contact us first! We’ll put you in touch with your local approved A R Systems contractor who will visit your property and provide a free quote for installation.