EPDM is the modern solution to Epsom’s period properties with flat roof extensions

One of England’s most famous towns, thanks to the popularity of the Epsom Derby, Epsom in Surrey is also well known for its many Victorian and Edwardian properties. In street after street there are lovely semi-detached and detached properties that have been sympathetically restored and period features retained.

EpsomOf course, many of these properties have been extended to make them more suitable for modern-day living or garages erected in the grounds. If you have an extension or garage with a flat roof, you’ll probably know that the roof either hasn’t lasted or won’t last forever. And if you’ve ever had to arrange a replacement or repairs, you’ll know that it’s not always straightforward – if the weather is poor, roofing contractors are often unable to install certain materials, which can then compound any problems you might be experiencing with regards to leaking.

That’s why EPDM is such a superior material. A synthetic rubber roofing membrane, DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is stable even in the most extreme temperatures, and a passing shower doesn’t threaten its installation or future performance. Crucially, EPDM stretches so allows for building movement, something that is so typical of older properties, and won’t tear, split or crack as it ages. In fact, EPDM has been used for over 50 years – particularly in the US – and roofs installed back in the 1960s are still proving to be watertight, and as a customer you’ll have the reassurance of a 20-year warranty!

A R Systems approved contractors install DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM throughout Surrey. Contact us today to arrange a visit and free quotation from your local approved contractor.