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Choose a Green Roof – good for your property, better for the environment

As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, particularly within urban areas, green roofs are growing in popularity.

The benefits are extensive:

  • Can provide a usable extra outside space and can add value to your property
  • Slow water run off helps local SUDS planning and flood defences
  • Helps remove CO2 and harmful pollutants from the atmosphere
  • Mitigates the Urban Heat Island effect
  • Releases water naturally through transpiration, improving water quality
  • Creates new wildlife habitats for marginalised species
  • Protects the roof from the elements and prolong its life
  • Improves building energy efficiency and improves thermal insulation, significantly lowering fuel bills as a result
  • Regulates internal building temperatures
  • Provides acoustic insulation, reducing noise levels by up to 8 decibels

Green Roof 2

Depending on your criteria and the limitations of the roof space there are three varieties of green roof:

Intensive Green Roof

High maintenance – replicates a ground-level garden and provides a new outside usable space.

Extensive Green Roof

Low maintenance – features low growing plants, such as Sedum, for instant greening and visual appeal.

Bio-Diverse Green Roof

No maintenance – naturally recreates the pre-existing ground ecosystem.

EPDM Flat Roof - Green Roof Consruction

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