DuoPly - The Product DuoPly - The Product

DuoPly – The Product

DuoPly gets its strength from a strong polyester fleece laminated to the back of the EPDM flat roof membrane. The fleece acts as a cushioning layer, which prevents problems of abrasion and keeps small imperfections or ridges from coming into contact with the membrane. This makes DuoPly ideal for over roofing existing roof systems, as well as renewal and new build roofing projects.

DuoPly is installed as a fully adhered roofing system, making the process much faster than other flat roofing systems. The EPDM flat roof membrane is adhered to the insulation or acceptable roof deck with DuoPly bonding adhesive. Adjoining sheets of membrane are then spliced together using innovative Pre-applied Seam Tape (PST). As a result of this factory-applied tape, seaming time can be reduced by 75%, which has a major impact on overall labour time – minimising disruption and reducing the cost of installation. PST also reduces the risk of seam failure by delivering 30% greater peel strength and 32% greater sheer strength than standard seaming methods.


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