DuoPly EPDM Flat Roofing DuoPly EPDM Flat Roofing

Why the DuoPly EPDM flat roofing system is being used by more and more people

DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is guaranteed to last 20 years and proven to still be effective after 50 years – used all over the world and now being used increasingly in the UK, high performance fleece reinforced EPDM is revolutionising flat roofs.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is weather resistant even in extreme climates, is lightweight, flexible and stretchable to accommodate typical building movement. The fleece reinforcement gives DuoPly EPDM flat roofing membrane its outstanding puncture resistance and prevents shrinkage.

Ideal for most flat roof applications, and suitable to use for repair, renewal and new build, fleece reinforced EPDM is not only a superior product, its installation is also advanced. With specialist glues and pre-applied seaming tapes, fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing is cold applied; there’s no need to use hazardous roofing torches or bitumen boilers. It’s faster, safer and more robust.

Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, choosing fleece reinforced EPDM for your flat roof will also help you be more energy efficient and reduce your heating costs.

And the best news is that DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing doesn’t come at a premium price. Comparable in cost to other flat roofing systems, DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is also quick and efficient to install, which means reduced labour costs. And don’t forget that its durability reduces the likelihood of future roof repairs or renewals.

A R Systems is an authorised distributor of DuoPly which is a fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing system.  We only sell DuoPly to local professional flat roofing companies who we have trained.  So when we put you in touch with your local DuoPly installer, you can have peace of mind that he is fully trained to install your DuoPly EPDM new flat roof.

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