Attention Horley home owners – EPDM flat roofing membrane is good for your home’s energy ratings!

With its fast rail links to London, Horley is a commuter town that has grown in recent years, and thousands of new homes have been built in the area over the last ten years or so. Modern homes are designed to fulfil the needs of modern families, but families grow and the economic climate hasn’t been kind in recent years – for many home owners it’s meant staying put rather than moving up the housing ladder. Extending existing living space has proved to be a popular and more viable alternative.

New build homes are generally completed with careful regard to the environment and future sustainability, so it makes sense that any adaptations by property owners should follow suit. At A R Systems we know that DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is a roofing membrane that outperforms any other material available, but its environmental credentials are just as important to consider.

DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is an environmentally-friendly product and is recognised by the Kyoto Ecology agreement as the best value sustainable eco-sound roofing material currently available. Combined with good insulation, using DuoPly fleece lined EPDM on your flat roof will lower your energy bills and improve the energy performance ratings of your home. Plus, it’s fully recyclable. So choosing DuoPly is a win-win situation – for the environment and for your pocket!

If you want to ensure your Horley home is as energy efficient as possible and are looking at options for your flat roof, give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with one of our local approved contractors to provide a free quote.

House in Horley

For modern homes in Crawley EPDM is the modern solution to flat roofing

Crawley is a town that emerged from the New Towns Act 1946, designed to tackle housing need and commercial/industrial development after the ravages of World War II. The opening of Gatwick Airport on the edge of the town ensured rapid development and expansion of Crawley in a very short time, and during the 1970s new neighbourhoods such as Bewbush and Broadfield were developed, followed by Maidenbower in the 1980s.

Much of this housing was originally council owned. Tenants’ rights to buy council properties naturally meant that new property owners were able to do more to their homes – be it adding a porch or extension, or building a garage. Traditional roofing felt has been the most widely used material for flat roofing projects for many years – the trouble is it has a limited lifespan and home owners can find themselves making ongoing repairs to stop leaks, or have had to have the roof replaced.

Like for like replacement used to be the only option. But DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM has changed all that! Although EPDM was invented back in the 1960s, and has been successfully used all over the United States ever since, it’s only recently really taken off in the UK.

At A R Systems we are very proud to be an authorised dealer of DuoPly and will happily sing its praises all day! The benefits of DuoPly are endless – from its superior performance over other flat roofing materials to its ease of installation and environmental credentials, you can read more about the benefits of using this revolutionary flat roofing material.

If DuoPly sounds like the ideal solution for your flat roof – whether you’re planning a new extension or need to re-roof your garage – get in touch with us and your local approved contractor will provide a free quote.

Detached house in Crawley

New Flat Roof Worcester Park, Surrey

DuNew Flat Roof Worcester Park

The 20sqm single storey extension in this property In Worcester Park needed replacing.

The approved contractor, supplied and installed DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM membrane onto the pre-prepared deck.

New Flat Roof Worcester Park

During – the EPDM flat roof being installed

New Flat Roof Worcester Park

During – the EPDM flat roof being installed

Flat Roof Guildford


New Flat Roof Guildford.

Think Guildford in Surrey and you’d probably conjure up a picture of all those beautiful and imposing period properties that loom high on the hilly descents into the town. But Guildford, of course has spread out much wider than that over the years, encompassing smaller surrounding villages. To the north-east, for instance, development in and around Merrow and Burpham saw hundreds of houses being built in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and smaller estates are going up even today.

Naturally, many of these houses in Guildford have been enlarged with ground floor extensions to give more living space. With the recent better summer weather, you may now be thinking of what home improvements might need to be made – we’re receiving lots of enquiries from people who had noticed their flat roofs leaking last winter – and now is the perfect time to take action before the autumn wet weather sets in and you spring more leaks!

GuildfordThere has been something of a roofing revolution over the last few years, and EPDM is fast becoming the new flat roofing material of choice. Particularly using DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM, a roofing membrane that is proven to be far more durable and long lasting that felt. Its slate grey finish complements any property and, even better, it’s guaranteed for 20 years – but proven to be effective for in excess of 50! It’s also eco friendly, an important feature in this day and age.

So, if you live in or around Guildford and you’re thinking of replacing or repairing your flat roof with felt, think again and contact us first! We’ll put you in touch with your local approved A R Systems contractor who will visit your property and provide a free quote for installation.

EPDM is the modern solution to Epsom’s period properties with flat roof extensions

One of England’s most famous towns, thanks to the popularity of the Epsom Derby, Epsom in Surrey is also well known for its many Victorian and Edwardian properties. In street after street there are lovely semi-detached and detached properties that have been sympathetically restored and period features retained.

EpsomOf course, many of these properties have been extended to make them more suitable for modern-day living or garages erected in the grounds. If you have an extension or garage with a flat roof, you’ll probably know that the roof either hasn’t lasted or won’t last forever. And if you’ve ever had to arrange a replacement or repairs, you’ll know that it’s not always straightforward – if the weather is poor, roofing contractors are often unable to install certain materials, which can then compound any problems you might be experiencing with regards to leaking.

That’s why EPDM is such a superior material. A synthetic rubber roofing membrane, DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is stable even in the most extreme temperatures, and a passing shower doesn’t threaten its installation or future performance. Crucially, EPDM stretches so allows for building movement, something that is so typical of older properties, and won’t tear, split or crack as it ages. In fact, EPDM has been used for over 50 years – particularly in the US – and roofs installed back in the 1960s are still proving to be watertight, and as a customer you’ll have the reassurance of a 20-year warranty!

A R Systems approved contractors install DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM throughout Surrey. Contact us today to arrange a visit and free quotation from your local approved contractor.

DuoPly is a thoroughly modern flat roofing material for Cranleigh’s modern homes

Located just eight miles south of Guildford, Cranleigh located in Surrey claims to be the largest village in England. It’s certainly grown over the last 50 years or so, and has its fair share of modern housing stock.

With space always a premium, many houses have been extended and, over the years, owners will have battled with keeping their extensions watertight. Felt roofing can last as little as 10 years and can be subject to ongoing repairs, but the introduction of EPDM means that there is a viable and superior alternative.

CranleighUsed in America for over 50 years, there is plenty of proof that EPDM – a synthetic rubber roofing membrane – does its job extremely well. An added benefit is that because it is dark coloured (slate grey, which blends well with pretty much any pitched roofing material) it can help reduce energy bills, absorbing heat and, in conjunction with good insulation, reducing the demands on your central heating. It also creates fewer carbon emissions when manufactured, so is very environmentally friendly.

A DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing system installed by an A R Systems approved contractor comes with a 20-year warranty – that’s how much faith we have in the material. Installation is quicker, safer and cleaner than other traditional flat roofing materials – you’d be surprised by how little disruption there is – which also means a saving on labour costs.

If you need to replace or repair an existing flat roof – or are planning to build an extension or garage – we’d be delighted to provide you with a free written quotation. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest A R Systems approved contractor.

Recent Projects – new flat roof in Guildford, Surrey


New Flat Roof Guildford

This Guildford property had a 30 year old original felt roof membrane which had been overlaid with 11mm plywood deck and a non-reinforced EPDM membrane was installed about 2 years ago. The existing fascias were rotten and had not been replaced.

On one side of the roof the fascias had been covered over with the roofing membrane.  The original defective lead flashing had not been replaced but had been silicone sealed in places. The whole installation was of an extremely sub-standard quality.

Flat roof extension - Before

Before – flat roof extension – poorly fitted.

The approved contractor stripped the roof right back and an 18mm structural OSB board was installed. The defective fascia boards and lead flashing were also removed.

Damaged flat roof

Before – the damaged flat roof

The contractor then installed the new DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM membrane, new white uPVC fascia boards, black half round guttering and lead flashing.

uPVC fascias Guildford Surrey

After – new uPVC fascia boards fitted

This job highlights the need for the training of all roofing contractors to ensure the correct installation of specialist roofing products.

The customer said:

“Wanted to say thanks to you all for a great job yesterday. Roof looks good and amazingly tidy after too.

We will get the upper flat roof done when budget allows so will be in touch.”

New flat roof Guildford Surrey

After – the finished reinforced EPDM flat roof

New flat roof Guildford

After – the EPDM flat roof with smart new fascia boards

New Flat Roof Guildford

Rubber Roof Guildford

Horsham’s period and character properties can benefit from an EPDM flat roof

Horsham is an attractive market town that features a lot of Victorian properties and has subsequently expanded to incorporate smaller neighbourhoods such as Littlehaven, Holbrook, North Heath and Oak Hill. This of course has meant a lot of modern building development, but much of it has been done sympathetically, with a good range of ‘character’ properties that blend nicely with period homes.

Older, period properties can be a pleasure to live in, but the demands of modern living often means a need for more space – the notion of ‘two up, two down’ is rarely adequate for people’s lifestyles today, and it’s common for terraced and semi-detached properties to have extensions.

In our experience, DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is the ideal material for any extension with a flat roof. It may be a modern material, but it still works beautifully on a period property, easily blending with the overall look of the house. It’s also ideal for garages and other external garden outbuildings.

HorshamThe great British weather is often the roofing contractor’s greatest enemy; fortunately, DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM can be installed year round – even an unpredictable summer shower won’t hold up progress. Proved to be effective in the most extreme climates worldwide (our winters are nothing to those in Alaska!), EPDM comes with a 20-year warranty. It’s quick to install, with the minimum of disruption to your home – isn’t it time you found out more!

If your flat roof needs to be replaced or repaired, please get in touch. We’ll then introduce you to your nearest A R Systems approved contractor who will be delighted to provide a free estimation.

Need to repair your flat roof? It’s time to forget the felt and switch to DuoPly

When it comes to making big repairs around the home, it’s generally accepted that you should move with the times and use modern materials that are proven to stand the test of time. So if your timber fascias or soffit boards are rotting away, the recommended replacement material is likely to be uPVC – unless of course yours is a period property that demands traditional materials are used to preserve its architectural integrity and comply with its graded listing.

An affordable and superior choice for your new flat roof…

EPDM Flat RoofThe same argument applies to flat roof repairs. Traditionally, felt has been the UK roofing standard, but in recent years it has become a more expensive route because material costs are closely dictated by the cost of crude oil. Naturally, this has driven up installation costs and taking into account the fact that the typical life span of a felt roof is perhaps 10-15 years, consumers are now much more open to effective alternatives.

The current cost of felt brings it in line with manufactured single-ply fleece reinforced EPDM roofing systems such as DuoPly, a product that is guaranteed for a longer period and can easily boast a life expectancy 3-4 times longer than felt.

So what are the benefits of a DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM?

Created in the US back in the sixties, EPDM has been proving its worth ever since. Within the roofing industry, DuoPly falls into the category of single-ply roofing membranes, which are designed to cover large areas in a relatively short time. Most of these systems require heat welding to join seams, so installation becomes more time consuming, but DuoPly is different.

DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM is cold applied and comes complete with pre-applied seam tapes. For a well trained roofing contractor, this makes installation quick, clean and easy, and for the customer it means a superior roofing system and lower labour costs – a win-win situation for both residential and business customers.

Fleece reinforced EPDM flat roof exampleSafer to install and eco-friendly too!

The ease of installation is another reason why DuoPly has the advantage over felt roofing; felt requires the use of gas to heat the felt membranes, so there is an inherent risk of fire and injury to the contractor.

We are now a more environmentally aware society and, in this respect,Green Roof 2 DuoPly is able to tick several boxes. The low energy used during manufacture and installation makes it an environmentally friendly material and is officially recognised as a sustainable and eco-sound roofing system – unlike felt which is a drain on natural fossil fuel resources.

If you are looking to create a more visually appealing flat roof for your property, you can look to use DuoPly to create a more eco-friendly Green Roof. DuoPly can provide the perfect green roofing solution to transform a functional flat roof into an attractive addition to your garden and outdoor space.

Guaranteed to last much longer than traditional felt flat roofing

And perhaps the best news is that DuoPly comes with a 20-year warranty but is likely to last at least 50 years – flat roofing solutions don’t get much better than that!

If you’re looking to get your flat roof repaired or replaced, contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with an approved contractor in your area – your roof will be in safe hands and you can be reassured that your DuoPly roof will be installed to the very highest quality standards.

Recent projects – flat roof refurbishment near Reigate/Redhill,Surrey

One of our Approved Contractors, recently carried out a roof refurbishment on a block of flats on the Reigate/Redhill border.

The 130 sqm flat asphalt roof was over 30 years old. It wasn’t leaking but was showing signs of degradation in the form of blistering and a few cracks. The roof was very poorly insulated and there was a considerable amount of heat loss through it. As it was a large area above eight flats, it was decided that the roof should be refurbished.

Firstly, 150mm ply-backed Cellotex was installed onto the existing asphalt roof. Then DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM was installed.

And finally, new lead flashing was installed to weather proof around the chimney stacks.


“Your guys have done a really good job. The roof looks great.”