Recent projects – new build flat roof in Dorking, Surrey

Our approved contractor, Advanced Flat Roofing, worked with the commissioned builder to install a 45 sqm warm deck construction new build flat roof.

New Build EPDM flat roof Dorking

The project involved installing internal box gutters for drainage, two lantern rooflights and fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing membrane.

New Build EPDM flat roof Dorking

New Build EPDM flat roof Dorking

Recent projects – large joint new flat roof in Dorking, Surrey

The customer in Dorking, Surrey had a poorly insulated flat roof which resulted in significant heat loss. The existing felt flat roof was approximately 15 years old, and it had cracked and was leaking in places.

The project involved a large joint flat roof covering three properties – with a total area of 87 sqm.

Large flat roof - new flat roof Dorking

Our approved contractor, Advanced Flat Roofing, firstly had to remove the old felt roof. They then created a warm roof construction using 120mm plybacked rigid insulation.

Large flat roof - new flat roof Dorking

Then a new DuoPly EPDM fleece reinforced EPDM roofing membrane was installed, along with easy to maintain new fascias and guttering, creating a smart new flat roof.

Large flat roof - new flat roof Dorking


Recent projects – new flat roof at Charterhouse School in Godalming, Surrey

Our approved contractor Paul installed a 35 sqm fleece reinforced EPDM flat roof at Charterhouse School in Godalming.

EPDM Flat Roof Charterhouse School Godalming

A DuoPly EPDM membrane was installed onto a cold roof construction prepped by the builder. The team installed edge trims which we had sprayed to a special RAL colour to match existing roof edge trims.

Recent projects – leaking garage flat roof in Westhumble, near Dorking in Surrey

A felt membrane flat roof above a garage had been installed very badly some six years ago and was now leaking.

Our approved contractor Drew, installed a new 25 sqm flat roof.

The first step was to remove the leaking felt flat roof membrane. The timber slatted deck was in good condition and did not need replacing which was great news for customer, Mr P.

Drew then laid a 11mm OSB deck over a slatted timber deck to create a blemish free surface.

Lastly he installed a new fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing membrane.

Traditional flat roofs in Horsham, West Sussex would benefit from EPDM flat roof replacement

The majority of properties in the Horsham, West Sussex and surrounding area were built between the 1960-1980’s, and many have modern flat roof extensions and garages.

Most of these flat roofs have been constructed using traditional felt material and will have been repaired and replaced up to as many as four times in this period. At a significant cost and upheaval to the property occupants.

Horsham 1960 property

The DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM  flat roofing system with a proven life span of in excess 50 years is the perfect choice for flat roofs coming up for renewal. Our DuoPly flat roofing system is a more durable and long lasting flat roofing solution and is available with 20 year insurance backed guarantees (ask the appoved contractor for details).

Due to the the age of the houses in the Horsham area, most of the timbers fascia if not already replaced are also due for renewal. It is good practice to install a new PVCU fascia or refurbishing  the existing one, at the same time os replacing the flat roof due to the very long life span of the DuoPly flat roofing system. All finishing trims and drip edge details are fixed into these fascia boards, so changing the boards at a later date although possible is more difficult.

We have Approved flat roofing contractors working  throughout Horsham and West Sussex, trained to install the DuoPly fleece Reinforced EPDM roofing system. Request your free quote today!

Recent projects – new flat roof installation in Sutton, Surrey

Approved Contractor Jamie recently completed 5 warm flat roof installations of 2.5 x 2.5m in Sutton, Surrey.

The Duoply fleece-reinforced EPDM roofs were installed onto 120mm plyback Cellotex to comply with current Building Regulations to create warm roof construction on balconies. The customer was delighted with the end result.

“Jamie has done a great job as always. The EPDM roofs look good, but best of all is the 20 year guarantee.”

Meet Approved Contractor – Advanced Flat Roofing

The capable team at Advanced Flat Roofing are based out of Dorking in Surrey. They have over 15 year’s experience of EPDM and felt flat roofing, as well as PVCu window and door, fascias and soffit installations.

AR Systems Approved Flat Roofing Contractor

The Advanced Flat Roofing team covers the following customer areas: Dorking, Leatherhead, Reigate, Horsham and Guildford.

Having worked with other types of roofing systems, the DuoPly system just makes sense.  It is lightweight, tough and clean to install.  Most of all, it’s the the long life span and 20 year guarantee that makes it a winner for our customers!


Why a DuoPly EPDM new flat roof is perfect for period properties in Guildford, Surrey

The county town of Guildford has a very large number of Victorian and Edwardian properties of red brick and/or flint construction with lovely period features, including sash windows, gable fronted roofs, adjoining box gutters and original slate roofs.

Victorian House Guildford

Typical Victorian properties in Guildford, Surrey

A common addition to many smaller period properties is a new flat roof extension. Mid terrace and semi detached Victorian properties were traditionally only 2 bed and 2 reception rooms and often prove too small for modern family living. Flat roof extensions are typically constructed in red brick to match the original property walls with a felt or similar material flat roof. The real challenge is to make these modern additions blend in with the existing building.

A Period property with flat roof extension

A EPDM membrane flat roof with a period property

The DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM roofing membrane is the perfect flat roofing solution for period properties. The slate grey colour blends beautifully with the existing period construction.

Another great use for the DuoPly EPDM  roofing system is for lining existing roof box gutters between properties. With a proven life span of in excess of 50 years, it’s a far more cost effective solution than lead and also as it has no scrap value meaning no concerns  over potential theft which is so sadly becoming common place these days.

If you have a Victorian or period property in Surrey and you need a flat roof repair or a new flat roof, please get in touch and we can put you in contact with an approved A R Systems flat roofing contractor to install an attractive, long lasting, and eco friendly DuoPly fleece reinforced EPDM flat roof for your period property.

Recent projects – new garage flat roof in Three Bridges, Crawley

Approved Contractor, Rupert, worked to replace a 20 sqm corrugated sheeting garage roof with our long lasting fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing membrane.

New flat roof Three Bridges Surrey

Mr & Mrs H said:

“Really pleased with Rupert and his team; a very professional company.  The job they have done on our old garage roof is fantastic.”

New flat roof Three Bridges Surrey

Recent projects – flat roof repair in Fetcham, Surrey

A common problem we see is leaking flat roofs where the felt has failed due to UV and weather damage over time.

Approved Contractor, Drew, replaced the existing flat roof and fascia boards which had failed for Mrs L in Fetchman, near Leatherhead in Surrey.

The roof was a 6 sqm roof over a bay window and patio area. Drew redecked the existing roof using 18mm OSB. New fleece reinforced EPDM was fitted and a new lead flashing installed to wall.

Mrs L says…

“Very pleased with every aspect of the works.”

Roof repair Fethcham Surrey

Roof repair Fethcham Surrey